Casual Clothing

The Fashion Girl’s Guide to a Business Casual Dress Code

Welcome back to this month’s Style Guide series, where each week in April I’m highlighting stylish and functional apparel codes for your professional wardrobe. To refresh your memory, then our current blog theme is Function It. Therefore, whether you’re a professional professional or already in the workforce, my staff and I are bringing you weekly blog articles specializing in everything from polishing your résumé to growing your business. On top of the daily to do’s and basic workload, looking the part should always be thrown into the mix. I broke down company formal basics, and next up I’m bringing one of the business casual dress code.
The do’s and don’ts of professional workwear can be complicated, but once you have them down you are guaranteed to have a dress you can be pleased with. The very first thing that you ought to familiarize yourself with is the own setting. If everyone is dressed to the nines every time they step into the office, you should revisit my business formal article. If it comes to business casual, some offices are as relaxed as wearing jeans or a bit more dressed in khakis and knee length dresses. Company casual warrants a bit more freedom in regards to your work outfit, but you should still mention the pressed and clean lines of business formal.
Dresses are always a safe bet when it comes to the workplace. For business casual, you have the choice to play prints and colors even though solids are always a fantastic idea, also. Paired with the ballet flats and cardigan options below, you’ll be all set.

casual dress

We all know how taxing heels could be on our toes, making ballet flats an attractive alternative. Ballet flats are perfect for a business casual setting and come in so many distinct colours, based upon your outfit taste. Below are a few of my favorites…
I still haven’t figured out why workplaces are at least 10 degrees colder than the outside world, but classic cardigans and sweaters are a smart way to combat the frigid temps. These are a few classic and secure alternatives for your workspace…
If your workplace isn’t quite casual enough to get a pair of jeans, cropped pants will do just fine. Only a small notch below pants, cropped trousers are equally skilled and comfy for a day in the workplace. You might want to check out these options…
Now that I have covered both business formal and business casual, be sure to remain tuned for my creative casual dress code coming into the blog next week.