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The Coolest New Clothing Brand Is Designed by a Former Railroad Engineer

When it comes to so-called workwear, there is no lack of brands touting coats and selvedge denim jeans. There are just a handful of designers, nevertheless, who’ve put and within the factories which these garments were designed. “At the close of the day, workwear is only a trend for them but for me, it is my natural being,” Brown informs StockX. “That’s where I am from; I am in the Midwest; I lived it.” His eponymous collection — launched in autumn 2019 — is, including mechanisms jackets, painters coats, cargo pants, work shirts and much more. It’s more than motivated. He worked in industrial jobs for years before Brown was styling, rifling through shops seeking clothes for Kanye West. He was a steelworker for General Motors and a railroad engineer before he launched his own label.
Workwear as a trend has seeped into each streetwear and designer collection in the previous decade, so it’s easy to discount the utilitarian inspirations of any fashion brand as mere speculation lacking experience. But, Brown grew up seeing — and using — workwear for its intended function. “I really wore these pieces every day. My father really wore these bits, my mother actually wore these pieces” Brown cites Dickies and Carhartt and that is clear. From the logo to color palette the iron-on barcodes and overall design aesthetic, these legacy labels are part of Darryl Brown’s DNA. But, there’s also a certain degree of elegance. Silhouettes and the stitch work are closely considered, with proportions that are than work clothing that were normal. The are eschewed by the fabrics. “However, I’m likely to message it together with all the elegance and quality of a Dries Van Noten.” Brown layouts each bit to have with. Whether you are a lover of workwear, vintage clothing or merely fantastic layout, Darryl Brown Clothing Company is worth checking out.