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6 of The Best Men’s Hand Creams Products

Anyone knows that many men suffer with dry hands when working out at the gym and exposing them to the harsh weather elements, and which causes itching and irritation. Well!  Here’s our top picks of the best men’s hand creams products which will ensure your hands remain soft and smooth. BODY SHOP HEMP HAND PROTECTOR […]

Grooming Product Reviews Skin Care

3 Independent Grooming Brands You Need to Know

Indeed, nowadays, more and more men are becoming increasingly concerned with things like skincare, haircare and traditional shaving methods – not to mention the increased business that the beard’s rise and popularity has brought to the table. Obviously, it’s good to support independent brands, so before you head down to the high street and pick […]

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Top 5 of The Best Men’s Hair Clays

The clay inside the product helps to thicken your hair follicle. This helps to add body, thickness and structure to each hair strand, giving you perfect texture and hold. If you’re looking for volume, without your hair feeling weighed down, hair clay is for you. Top 1. Mitch Ultra Matte Styling Clay Ultimate texture and […]

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Grooming Product Reviews Skin Care

6 of The Best Men’s Face Serums

A product that is sometimes overlooked in the male grooming world. Serums are important in protecting the skin and they’re full of strong ingredients which battle to brighten dark spots while firming the skin without clogging your pores. Lastly, they don’t clash with other beauty products so you can use them alongside your daily moisturisers. […]