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Must- Know 2017 Men’s Fashion Trends

Well! We’ve sorted the socks and sandals from the pyjama suits and boy scout overalls (Louis Vuitton, we’re looking at you) and with help from Anton Dee from The Style Division we’ve narrowed it down into 5 key themes to keep your peepers open for in 2017. And here’s the must- know 2017 fashion trends. […]

how to dress for your body shape
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Easy Style Guides on How to Dress for Body Shape

Actually, we’re not all the same shape when it comes to our bodies. There are many dimensions from which men differ from one another, so we share our style guide on how to dress for your body shape to help you! Wearing slimmer trousers for example, can emphasise the length of your leg, making you appear taller, […]

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2016 Top 6 Menswear Style’s International Best-Dressed Men

With 2016 drawing to a close we decided that now would be a suitable time to reflect on some of the year’s snappiest, coolest and most individually stylish male dressers. So, in no particular order, here are Menswear Style’s international best-dressed men of 2016. 1. DAVID GANDY, MODEL – LONDON, ENGLAND  It’s impossible to do […]

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Tips on How to Dress for Every Sort of Holiday Party

Holiday parties, especially New Year’s parties, can be all over the map when it comes to dress code. Especially when anything in the ballpark of “creative black tie” or “business casual” is involved. Whether it’s an upscale event or something low key, here are eight style tips to get you through the holiday’s festivities. TIP […]

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Party Dresses for the Festive Season

Christmas is coming and we all know that means endless parties and festive celebrations. Winter parties are an exciting opportunity to dress glamorously and experiment with your look. Here’s some of the hottest trends for party dresses this season. Sparkles It wouldn’t be Christmas without sparkles and glitter. Ensure all eyes are on you by wearing […]

best shearling jackets
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The Best Shearling Jackets to Keep Extra Warmth

Shearling is one of the key finishes you’ll be seeing on a lot of outerwear this season. A throwback to the 70s, shearling’s been adopted by many a brand this year to bring a classic aesthetic, extra warmth and added detail to a whole range of jacket and coat styles. But what ones should you be […]