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An exhibition recreating the wealth and optimism of the 1980s

From December 20th 2018 before February 23rd 2019, Reality 80 will be on display, offering an opportunity to rediscover what Umberto Eco, duringTangentopoli, described as the”specific effects decade”. This was a golden age for Milan, that has turned into the center of power and also the funds of culture and fashion. The exhibition — curated by Leo Guerra and Cristina Quadrio Curzio, together with all the scientific information of Valentino Catricalà and Mario Piazza — is a kaleidoscope of images, thoughts and memories of a city and its achievement in all regions; from entertainment and society to arts, design and graphics. Reality 80 opens with the motto created in 1985 by Marco Mignani for the advertisement of Amaro Ramazzotti:”Live, love and enjoy Milan…Drink Milan”. In the exhibition, stories and figures in the 1980s are intertwined in an ad hoc setting which maps significant events from the period of time, like the 1981 attack on Pope Wojtyla along with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Alongside images and artwork are cult things that characterized the decade, including arcade games like Pac-Man, along with the colorful range of treats, presents, gadgets and other objects in the Paninari generation.
The display will be held in Corso Magenta in the Credito Valtellinese Group Gallery. Just a short distance off from the Brera district — the beating heart of that which was (and in some ways still is) that the”Milano da bere” (Milan’s nightlife district) — has opened the world’s first luxury elevator shoe shop, inside a historical 18th century building. This striking place, on the floor of 18 Via Fiori Chiari, is perfect for discovering the group of the Goodyear technique, in addition to elevator shoes, hand created and painted with the finest leathers. Either before or after the display you can immerse yourself in the tasteful, comfortable world of , in which the best of”made in Italy” -like advanced layout, colours and styles for every taste and need — becomes a manifestation of the enthusiasm and success of this”specific effects decade”. In the showroom, with the help of both Annalisa and Marco, you will be able to choose from a range of men shoes to fit your requirements and the occasion, such as collections of sneakers, boots and classic styles.