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3 Independent Grooming Brands You Need to Know

Indeed, nowadays, more and more men are becoming increasingly concerned with things like skincare, haircare and traditional shaving methods – not to mention the increased business that the beard’s rise and popularity has brought to the table. Obviously, it’s good to support independent brands, so before you head down to the high street and pick up some big label grooming products, check out these great independent companies first. We’ve hand-picked these ourselves and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



Dr Jackson’s describes itself as, “a niche, science-led cosmetics company that creates luxury skincare products using the best ingredients nature has to offer” and we’d have to agree. Luxury is definitely the operative word here but Dr Jackson’s is far from ostentatious, with their understated, recycled packaging and medical-style glass containers. Their collection of skin creams, cleansing oils and herbal teas all smell subtly fresh and elegant and will leave your skin looking and feeling fresh, tight and blemish free.

Dr Jackson’s


When Anthony Sosnick spotted a gap in the market for high quality men’s grooming products he made it his mission to turn the industry around. Since 2000 his brand has been formulating some of the finest lotions and potions on the market. Anthony is devoted to producing simple, easy-to-use skincare products, made from healthy ingredients. Stand out items for us include the Eucalyptus, Birch Leaf and Canadian Balsam Body Wash, which is perfect for waking up in the morning, and the Instant Fix Oil Control, which will tame even the greasiest of faces.



Since 1989, Melbourne-based cosmetics brand Aesop has been creating some of the best grooming products on the market, with an emphasis on quality ingredients. It’s well known for its unisex creams and oils but since men’s grooming has been building in popularity Aesop has gone on to develop a range of skincare and haircare products specifically for men. Their men’s range includes shaving serums, moisturisers, toners and even a beautiful wooden shaving set.