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2017 Men’s Hairstyle Trends and Expert Tips on How to Obtain

To get an idea of what hairstyle trends we can expect to see in 2017 we spoke with four top British Barbers: Mike Taylor, Male Grooming Expert at The Bluebeards Revenge and Founder of the British Barber’s Association. Hairstyles within the barbering world are rapidly changing each season more so than ever before. Stefano Avanzato, Stylist and Grooming Expert at Dolce & Gabbana, Sam Hickey, Barber at Ruffians and Sam Arthur who owns a Barber Shop in Northern Ireland. In this trend report we feature all their expert advice and haircut predictions for 2017 with tips on how to obtain them and instructions on how to maintain each hairstyle.

Long Hair 

A lot of guys have been growing their hair out in recent seasons, neatly parted with a 1970s vibe. Stefan has noticed an increase in his own clients growing their hair for winter and leaving it down as opposed to keeping it away from the face. For this style, Mike advises that you need to keep your hair in good condition, with regular trips to a Barber who is good with scissors and is able to add texture to your hair to stop to it from looking lifeless. Add some Matt Paste to keep the style in place while leaving the hair looking natural. Sam recommends this hairstyle as one of the easiest styles to maintain since most gents will get a light trim bimonthly to rid their hair of dead and split ends. Using a Leave-in Conditioner will help keep the hair looking healthy and enable it to grow with less frequent trims.

Long hair

Slicked Back

This is a great hairstyle for men with medium to long hair who want to keep it neat and professional. This one has been around for some time now but it will be big one going into 2017 thanks to the popularity of TV series Peaky Blinders. In order to achieve this haircut you’ll want to achieve a firm hold – purchase some Pomade and warm it up in your hands and run your fingers through your hair while guiding them back from the front of your head to the nape of your neck. Use a Comb to keep it neat and to make sure there’s no stray hairs for a true slicked back look. Sam mentioned how the style can be worn in a number of ways. Most gents normally take the sides tighter with the clippers with hair fairly long on top (sometimes with a disconnection). This style will grow out after 3/4 weeks (clipper length on the sides dependent). However, some clients have been growing out their hair to achieve length on the sides too – which enables them to slick all of their hair back which requires less maintenance. Sam also explains how the overuse of Pomade can cause ‘product build-up’ and will require a Deep Cleansing Shampoo to return the hair to a more natural state.

Slicked Back Hair

Buzz Cut + Beard 

You feel a little bland without any hair even you’ve decided to take the plunge and trim down that pompadour haircut. Well, according to our expert and leading Hair Stylist Stefan, you can embrace a long beard along with a buzz cut for a great 2017 look. If you’ve shaved off your hair due to balding then wearing a full beard will draw attention away from it by adding extra dimension to your face. Sam explained to us how a buzz cut has been slowly creeping into men’s fashion more so over the last few months. It’s probably the easiest haircut to have done but the one that requires the most upkeep. A key aspect to consider is the quality of your beard, ensure you take regular trips to your barber and stock up on Beard Oil to keep it neat and healthy.

Buzz Cut + Beard

Crew Cut

Short hair will always be a popular hairstyle option amongst men and a crew cut is great for those with thinning hair, or alternatively those men with thicker hair who find it hard to manage daily. This style is timeless and very versatile for different occasions. The hair length can be an inch longer on top than what is previously expected from this hairstyle too. It’s also very easy to achieve, just ask your Barber to add some Hair Tonic for a glossier fresh look.

French Crop 

Our experts advise that the French crop is a popular style which had a boom in the 1990s and it is now making a return for 2017. This is a texturised look which is currently sitting on top of many celebrity heads. Mike Taylor says you want this style to look as effortless as possible – it’s not meant to look polished or neat. Add a bit of Matt Clay to set the hair in place with a textured finish.

French Crop

Mod Cut 

With a rise in indie trends, 1960s Mod subculture hairstyles are inevitably on their way back in. To find out which, who better to speak with than Sam Arthur who specialises in the retro look. If you want to switch up your hairstyle for 2017 opt for an Oasis style Mod Cut. This style is standing out from the crowd due to the revival of indie music such as Mancunian rock band The Stone Roses. With this hairstyle, you’ll need some length to your hair along with a fringe, sideburns and a little shorter at the back. To style it add some Sea Salt Spray before using a Hairdryer to add texture.

Mod Cut