Things Men Should Never Wear
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10 Things Men Should Never Wear On A Date

There’s no secret that women can’t resist a well mannered, sharp dressed man and it’s definitely essential to be well groomed when you are meeting someone for the first time but you also want to give someone a reason to see you again. So here are 10 things you should never wear on a date to avoid looking tacky or douchey. Check it out below:

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1. Mustache

Lone mustaches scream douche baggery and women find them a bit creepy. If it’s attached to a beard that is something entirely different but you don’t want to look like a village people creepy look-a-like the first time you meet someone.

2. Pinstripe suit

Pretty sure these suits have gone out of style, but if you happen to have one in your closet still just get rid of it. You shouldn’t even own one let alone go on a date in one.

3. Smartwatch

Look, it’s your first date. The last thing you want to do is look ostentatious. You don’t want to give off the douchey vibe on the first date.

4. Sweater vest

Unless you’ve met his girl , she will probably find it more amusing and not take you too seriously.

5. Anything too trendy

You definitely don’t want to wear something that is too distracting. Play it cool and go for the casual look. You don’t want it to appear like you care for fashion too much. Women aren’t going to want to date a man that takes more time than them to get ready.

6. Camouflage

Camouflage is like wearing a baseball cap. Just a little too casual and appears like you put absolutely no effort into your date.

7. Anything with metal studs

What are you auditioning for a KISS cover band? Anything with metal studs is something you’ll probably want to avoid on a date in order to avoid looking like you are still stuck in your high school punk rock days. Women prefer to date a grown men.

8. Bow tie

Come on! A tie? What is she dating Bill Nye The Science Guy here? They are somewhat making a comeback but it kind of shows that you are a sarcastic person and either A. A really big goofball not to be taken seriously or B. you aren’t taking the date too seriously. Either way, it’s best to avoid a bow tie altogether.

9. Hat

Wearing a baseball hat is just a little too casual and either says that you didn’t care enough to put some thought into the date or you are probably hiding your receding hairline.

10. Anything neon or super bright

wearing something overly bright kinda shows that you like to be the center of attention or you are the type of guy that likes to draw attention to yourself. You’re better off wearing neutral colors.