Must- Know 2017 Men’s Fashion Trends


Well! We’ve sorted the socks and sandals from the pyjama suits and boy scout overalls (Louis Vuitton, we’re looking at you) and with help from Anton Dee from The Style Division we’ve narrowed it down into 5 key themes to keep your peepers open for in 2017. And here’s the must- know 2017 fashion trends. […]

7 Foolproof Collocation Tips On The Best Jeans For Short Legs

mens jeans

Jeans are simple and can be dress both up and down. But are you buying the right pair for your height? Well! Today I will show you here some foolproof guides on the best jeans for shorts legs. The fantastic thing about jeans is that they suit absolutely everyone; whether you’re tall, short, slim, large – whatever! […]