The Best Two Styles at London Fashion Week

Classic + Simple

Well! These two styles were all over the streets of London Fashion Week. What do minimalist, androgynous, ’90s-inspired, neutral outfits have in common with bright-colored, bold, feminine and flirty ones? No matter where you fall on the fashion spectrum, one thing is clear: unabashed personal style will rule in 2017. Check out below. Colorful + […]

Must- Know 2017 Men’s Fashion Trends


Well! We’ve sorted the socks and sandals from the pyjama suits and boy scout overalls (Louis Vuitton, we’re looking at you) and with help from Anton Dee from The Style Division we’ve narrowed it down into 5 key themes to keep your peepers open for in 2017. And here’s the must- know 2017 fashion trends. […]

2016 Top 6 Menswear Style’s International Best-Dressed Men

menwear style

With 2016 drawing to a close we decided that now would be a suitable time to reflect on some of the year’s snappiest, coolest and most individually stylish male dressers. So, in no particular order, here are Menswear Style’s international best-dressed men of 2016. 1. DAVID GANDY, MODEL – LONDON, ENGLAND  It’s impossible to do […]