Designers design miniskirt history

Mary Quant conducted a favorite clothing shop in the Kings Road, Chelsea, London known as Bazaar, from which she sold her own designs. In the late 1950s she began experimenting with shorter skirts, which resulted in the miniskirt at 1965-one of those defining styles of the decade.Due to Quant’s position in the center of fashionable […]

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How to choose a leather motorcycle jacket, suitable for your riding companion

1 word that describes a leather biker jacket in a simplest way, badass. It origin indicates that it was exclusively crafted to create an illusion of somebody who wouldn’t hesitate riding his bike off a cliff. Marlon Brando introduced this iconic coat style 60 years ago, when he uttered a Schott Perfecto in the movie”The […]

Justin Bieber
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That’s Not How You Wear a Shirt, Justin Bieber

It’s not exactly a profound insight to say that Justin Bieber is sartorially adventurous. He is the guy, after all, who wrapped an entire pack of wild coyotes around him last winter. In L.A. When it was probably 75 degrees out. And his latest stab at fashion trendsetting is no less of a head-scratcher. Walking […]

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How To Style Workwear-Inspired Fashion

In spite of these differences, menswear and workwear do share some common ground beyond the occasional Americana look that pops up on Tumblr. Menswear aficionados ultimately want a classic piece that holds up; even if it mimics a timeless façade, the basic construction behind fast fashion simply won’t do for the guy seeking to build […]

How to Wear a Leather Jacket All Spring Long
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How to Wear a Leather Jacket All Spring Long

It’s perfect for a great leather jacket to wear in all spring long for the reason that the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, but the nights can still be a little chilly. But since it’s spring and not fall, you want something that’s not too heavy and that will add a […]

6 Emerging 2017 Menswear Brands To Know
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2017 Emerging Menswear Brands To Know

Well! You see, menswear is a burgeoning industry and year after year, thousands of new brands pop up, trying to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, there’s not enough room for everyone and the vast majority of fledgling labels will end up fading into obscurity. However, for every hundred new, boring t-shirt lines that spring […]

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5 Modern Trends Destined To Become Classics

From London Fashion Week Men’s through Milan Fashion Week, we’ve witnessed a bevy of trends appear on the runway, from bleached denim to sheer materials, from obvious military influences to workwear-inspired pieces like coveralls. But, while their presence indicates the overall direction in which menswear is headed, there’s a strong chance that this time next […]

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The Best Jackets for Spring Look

Well! When it comes to weather, spring is the season that can’t decide. One day you’ll have glorious sunshine, the next you’ll have thundering rain. And then, of course, there’s always a stray blizzard or two. So, to combat this unpredictable weather, it’s good to have a technical jacket that can work in a range […]